About Peggy
Peggy graduated from SDSU in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in nursing. She currently works as a Registered Nurse at Scripps Chula Vista Hospital on the surgical/oncology floor.

About Marlon
Marlon graduated from SDSU in 2002 with a bachelor's degree in business administration with an emphasis in information and decision systems. He currently works at EDS as a network administrator.

How they Met

As Marlon's dad said during Mabel's wedding, we've been together since we were in kindergarten. Actually, we met during summer school at Montgomery High in 1995 during a communications class. Peggy was starting her junior year and Marlon was starting his sophomore year in high school. Peggy and her friend were interested in Marlon, but found him loud, obnoxious and at times, annoying. But there was something about Marlon that didn't make Peggy brush him off. Marlon too was interested in Peggy, who in the back of his head thought she looked 12 instead of 16. Summer school ended and the two never had a conversation, just a few sentences here and there, and didn't exchange phone numbers. It was Peggy's friend who started calling Marlon for her own sake, when Marlon asked for Peggy's number. Her friend didn't mind this, and gave her number. Sweetheart's dance 1995 is when we "officially" started dating. After the dance we went to a beach off the Strand in Coronado where he asked me to be his girlfriend.

How it Happened

It happened on Monday, May 12, 2003, the week of Peggy's graduation from SDSU. That day Marlon wanted to go to the North Island Navy Exchange to look at some shoes. Peggy noticed that Marlon was acting a bit strange that day. He kept asking where Peggy what she wanted to eat and what she wanted to do after the Exchange. Peggy didn't know where to go and what to eat. To get off North Island you take either the Strand or the Coronado Bridge. Well Marlon took the Strand instead of the Bridge, so Peggy knew they were going back to his parents' house instead of going out to eat. She also felt he was going to propose, something in the back of her head was telling her this. Then Peggy started having weird chest pains. Marlon turned off an exit to the beach where they had gone after their first Sweetheart's dance...so that officially answered Peggy's question in the back of her head. Unfortunately, the entrance was gated so they weren't able to enter. After that, they went back to his parents' house where he popped the question. It would have turned out nice, but Marlon didn't have a back up plan.

Guys...some advice, have a plan B and plan C just in case!

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